Are you looking to catalyze transformation for your city?

Do you want some practical tools to jumpstart or reinvigorate your process? 

Join us for the Collect Impact for Cities Conference in Atlanta! 


Registration is NOW OPEN


This day and a half long workshop will give you the real tools and practical knowledge you need to transform your city through Collective Impact.

Learn how you:

Build a collective impact culture

  • Establish collective impact as a practice, not a position or organization
  • Work from an asset mindset, not a deficit mindset
  • Build relationship and trust between community leaders and subcultures
  • Leverage the best of your nonprofit, government, business, and faith communities in ways that reinforces each other
  • Establish sustainable ongoing processes

Employ new tools

  • Create your own unique system models and a common change language
  • Drive lasting change through narrative construction
  • Use systems thinking to better understand your city
  • Engage all your constituents, including end-users, from the beginning, using Sense-Making Methodology

Collect, form and evaluate data

  • Ensure that the right data has been gathered
  • Work with existing expertise to design evaluations of the process from the beginning of the engagement
  • Collaboratively create measurable outcomes
  • Help local team analyze and design approach to achieving goals



Q: Where will the conference be held?

A: The conference is being held at the Hilton Downtown Atlanta. There is a block of rooms reserved for conference attendees at a special rate. Please inquire directly with the hotel to set up your reservation.

Q: What is the timeframe?

A: The conference will be from 8:30am-5pm November 29th and 8:30am-12pm on November 30th.

Q: Who should attend? 

A: This workshop is perfect for any city/county leadership, executive directors or funding agencies who are looking to bring a system-informed collective impact approach to their work.


Q: Do I have to have a project started already? 

A: Nope! The tools we will give you and the methodology we discuss can be used at any point in the process. This conference will give you a good overview on how to organize the phases of your work and how to engage all of the various stakeholder groups you’ll be working with. If you do have a project going- these tools will give you a new perspective on the Collective Impact process. You ‘ll learn the skills to go deeper and  learn how to plan for the sustainability of your impact.

Q: Should my whole team attend? 

A: The more people you have from your team attend, the easier it will be to use these tools and language. For that reason, we are offering a special group rate- please inquire with us directly to get that set up! However, if only one person from your team can attend, we will make sure you have the materials you need to share your insights and our team is available for consultation post-conference!

Q: I can’t make this one, when will the next one be?

A: If you’re interested in attending a future conference, please drop us an email and we will notify you when those details come out!

For any other questions, please contact