The 3 Day Collective Impact Kickoff workshop, facilitated by CTS, was a convening of 100 leaders from a variety of sectors in Rapid City‐ social service, government, transportation, business, and others‐ for the purpose of further refining and operationalizing the goal of RCCI: to improve the quality of life for citizens in Rapid City. It was crucial for the project that this workshop accomplished a number of goals, including:

  • Galvanize interest in and support for Collective Impact from key stakeholders in Rapid City
  • Illicit critical information about the systems impacting quality of life in Rapid City from each participant informed by their unique perspectives
  • Develop consensus on the key issues which are opportunities for RCCI to have a substantial impact


CTS used a method called Community Based System Dynamics during the workshop. This method was selected because it allows participants to explore the entire system impacting quality of life in Rapid City in a rigorously logical way. The process guided participants from thinking about discrete events to then recognizing trends and patterns over time to eventually determining the underlying causal structure driving the events in Rapid City. From the structure that was developed, the group agreed to a number of key priority areas for Collective Impact to focus and how the areas of work interrelate.

Significant Results

The workshop focused on underlying causal relationships driving the entrenched social issues in Rapid City as opposed to brainstorming short‐term “band aid” solutions. Thus, discussion of implementable solutions and action‐steps towards solving the problems identified in the workshop was delayed until further analysis could be done by a larger number of stakeholders with better data. A number of significant outcomes from the 3 day workshop included:

  • Developed a systems map that included a high level of detail about connections across the city
  • Established connections between participants within and across multiple sectors and developed a deeper understanding of one another’s resources and objectives
  • Identified key variables of impact in each priority issue area
  • Created a timeline for 5, 10 and 15+ years of visions for improved life in Rapid City · Formed 9 work streams charged with analyzing the workshop data, compiling additional research, and developing strategies for system change

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